Here are just a few products we regularly use on a majority of our clients for different purposes. All of these are available for us to make a custom program for your dog. If you wish to purchase these products for home use, please let your groomer know and we will place the order for you.


This is one of our favorite products! It is a topical application of an essential oil blend and it works miracles! We have used this on several dogs with a yeast infection on the skin, allergies, and simple dry skin. It has turned bald patches with irritated and infected skin, into beautiful healthy coats! Below is the manufactureres description.

With the synergetic action of these ingredients, Essential 6 Spot-On has a plethora of benefits for your pet's skin. Essential 6 helps restore hydrolipidic film of animal skin and maintains its optimal hydration, favors natural cutaneous ecosystem balance and reinforces skin defenses, purifies animal skin and helps prevent irritations, deodorizes but respects the animal's own smell, helps diminish hair loss and sustaining hair growth and also has an antioxidant effect.

NuVet is a premium grade supplement that is 100% guaranteed to help your pet! We have been referring this product for over 15 years and it has never failed us. Below is the manufacturers description:

Today’s pet foods, even premium brands, can contain toxins, and bad bacteria. Almost all use “meat by-products”; that is an industry term for anything other than meat. Many of the other ingredients are fillers like corn, wheat and barley. Which are prime sources for allergies, skin problems and other more serious ailments. The regulation of these ingredients tend to be lax, which means they could end up being tainted with disease causing pathogens. Our team of pet industry scientists, vets and medical specialists created NuVet Plus® to be a high quality product that incorporates a precise formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and antioxidants that performs synergistically to bring together all the vital ingredients required to improve your pet’s health and keep them healthy. NuVet Plus® is made using only Natural, Human Grade ingredients that are formulated in a FDA registered Pharmaceutical Laboratory. We use a special “paddle dried”, whole chicken liver that provides vitamin potency as well as a taste your pet will love.

Natures Specialties Quick Relief Neem Shampoo

This shampoo packs a gentle one two punch! It is one of our favorite shampoos because it knocks out many kinds of skin conditions as well as bad doggie odor. Below is the Manufacturers description:

Professional groomers and Veterinarians have helped eliminate many difficult skin problems using this medicated shampoo. With it's anti itch, microbial, anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti septic abilities it naturally deodorizes while aiding in the relief of the itching and irritation that comes with flea and tick infestation, ring worm, eczema and the loss of hair seen with chewing and biting. Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old and may be used on other small animals.

Contains: Neem, plus a combination of herbal oils in a mild shampoo base.

Natures Specialties Lav-n-Derm Shampoo

This shampoo is much more gentle than the quick releif neem shampoo listed above. We like to use this particular shampoo for dogs with extremely irritated or sensitive skin. It also works wonders for Nervous Nellies! Below is the Manufacturers description:

This calming, gentle shampoo with the invigorating fragrance of lavender is known for its antiseptic value and the ability to clean deeply without stripping the natural oils from your pet. Groomers often tell us stories that for cats "it's like cat nip" so beware, you may even find yourself a little less stressed and spending more time just massaging it into your loving companion. Even though this shampoo may be diluted up to 50:1, when using it for an antiseptic purpose, it is recommended to increase the concentration to 24:1 or maybe even 12:1 depending on the situation and is safe for dogs, cats and small animals. Our Mystic Lavender® cologne complements this shampoo. Contains: a blend of aloe vera, essential oils, vitamins A, D, & E, fragrance.

Natures Specialties Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo

After using many different brands of oatmeal shampoo, this particular oatmeal shampoo has given us the greatest success. It has very finely ground oatmeal in it to give the maximum benefit of an oatmeal shampoo. Below is the Manufacturers description:

This amazing shampoo is used by many groomers to help relieve the itching and discomfort associated with dry flaky skin from weather changes or just simply the dryness from being indoors. It will also help protect the coat from some of the damage and breakage due to matting. Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old and may be used on other small animals. Contains: a blend of protein, vitamins, aloe vera, emollients, anti oxidants and colloidal oatmeal.