New Client

What you can expect:

Your groomer will arrive within the two hour window scheduled unless there is a mechanical failure or emergency. No more groomers that are no shows or late.

Your groomer will personally reply via text through both phone numbers during business hours and as promptly as possible.

Your groomer will set you up on a regular service plan to keep your doggies fresh, mat free, and healthy.

Your groomer will bring to your attention any health concerns that can go unseen to the untrained eye.

Your groomer will work with you to bring about a grooming style that suits your home maintenance routine. Humanity over vanity, always. 

How to get on our schedule:

Please note, Bath and Doggie Works is a maintenance grooming service ONLY and accepting new clients who are interested in a regular grooming schedule in a range of one groom every 1-8 weeks.

If you are ready to start a great grooming relationship with a groomer you can trust, please fill out our INTAKE FORM HERE.