What is Mobile Pet Grooming?

Mobile grooming at Bath and Doggie Works means you get a fully self contained, climate controlled, cage free, spa on wheels that arrives at your home to take care of your dogs needs. Your pet(s) will be the center of attention with no interruptions. Our services are preferred by a wide variety of pet owners whom are busy in the workforce, SAHMs, even retirees and everyone in between! The convenience alone makes our service more appealing than having to drive across town to drop off your beloved pooch, only to pick him up several hours later.

Why a Mobile Pet Groomer?

Convenience, pet safety, cleanliness, one on one attention! No more car sick pets, no more exhausted and stressed pets after a day at a grooming facility, quick service, veterinarian grade disinfecting protocol for your pets health. Why not a mobile groomer?

Do you Groom Cats

Although we love cats, we currently do not offer grooming services for them. 

What’s included in a groom?

Our full service mobile dog grooming includes a customized shampoo and conditioner program, warm water massage, anal glands expressed as needed, inspection of dental condition, ear hair removal (case by case) and cleaning, nail clipping and grinding, thorough brushing and combing of coat, and cologne. If your pet needs a clip or trimming, this and everything above is included in their haircut price.

Do you need to use my electricity or hose?

Our unit is fully self contained with warm water, a generator to fully power our dryers, air conditioning, heating, and all equipment.

Can I watch while my dog is being groomed?

Though we have nothing to hide and would love your company, our insurance plan does not have parameters to cover clients in our mobile salon.  

Can my kids watch?

We love kids! On occasion, you may see our groomers children with her. You and your kiddos can take a peek into our salon before service begins, but not while grooming is in progress. Please be sure your kids do not knock or loudly shout around the bus during the groom. 

I need to speak to you! Can I just come in?

Please text us instead of knocking. We use sharp tools near eyes and other delicate areas and if the dog gets startled it could result in injury.

How often should my dog be groomed?

For most healthy dogs, grooming should be done every 3-8 weeks. If your pet has a skin condition, it may need to be washed much more frequently (1-2 times/week) until the condition heals. 

My veterinarian prescribed a shampoo for my dog, now what?

We are veterinarian referred for skin conditions. We have years of experience with many conditions and have a great success rate of clearing them up and maintaining a healthy skin regimen.

But doesn't frequent bathing dry out the skin and coat? What about allergies or skin infections?

If done incorrectly, yes! Fortunately we know what we are doing. We specialize in frequent bathing weather the dog has a skin condition or not. We use premium grade shampoos and conditioners that will NOT dry out the skin or coat.

Some pets have a fungal or bacterial infection that requires frequent bathing the reduce the growth of the infection until it heals. Other pets with allergies to grass or other external irritants also need frequent bathing to reduce an allergic flare up. We always follow up with a humectant conditioner for these special cases to draw in moisture.

Can I have my pet washed in my own shampoo?

If it is prescribed by a Veterinarian, yes of course! Otherwise, we prefer to use our own shampoos that we have used for years with excellent results. Some store bought shampoos aren’t professional grade and can cause itchy, dry skin.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We can usually schedule your appointment within 1-6 weeks. Holiday appointments will need to be scheduled 2-8 weeks in advance.

Why does mobile dog grooming cost more than a regular grooming salon?

The simple and honest answer is volume vs. quality. In a grooming shop, one groomer can groom approximately 3 dogs per hour. The dogs are washed, crated, dried, crated, brushed, crated, groomed, and then crated again. It is an assembly line to groom as many dogs in a day as one can possibly groom. In a mobile grooming salon, your pet gets one on one quality time and a groom with no waiting periods. Another factor is the cost of gas, hefty insurance costs, vehicle and generator maintenance, the cost of our premium shampoos, and our drive time.

Why are your prices only “guidelines”?

The answer is simple. We do not want to mislead our customers by giving a low price, only to significantly raise it once we see your pet. We can give you a better idea with a reasonable estimate once we meet your pet.

How long will it take?

Depending on the size, temperament, and service, the mobile grooming process usually ranges between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours per dog.

What is the need for an appointment “window”?

When booking your appointment, you will be given a 2-4 hour window of arrival time. This allows us plenty of time to account for difficult grooms and traffic. If you absolutely need a smaller window, you will need to be our first appointment of the day. We can also call you when we are on our way, upon request.

Do you groom sedated pets?

Yes, with your veterinarians permission. We do not sedate pets, nor can we administer the prescription given by your vet.

My dog recently had surgery/stitches, can I still have him groomed?

If your pet has stitches, we are unable to groom him. If your pet has an open wound, we are unable to groom him. The reason for this may seem unfair, but let us explain. When bathing a dog, the shampoo loosens all of the dirt and bacteria found all over the dog. Even though the dog is rinsed and clean, that dirty water can and will seep into the wound or the stitch site and can infect the area. Unless you have written permission from your vet, we can not groom any dogs with open wounds, scabbing, or stitches.

Please, what on earth are anal glands?

While one of the most unpleasant topics, it is the most frequently asked question. Anal glands act as a scent sac for marking territory. When a pets stool is too soft, or he doesn’t squeeze hard enough, these glands will fill up with extra fluid and can become infected or impacted and require veterinary attention and even surgical removal. With every groom, we will check and express as needed and when safe.

Should I be tipping my groomer?

Tips are always welcomed and greatly appreciated, but not mandatory. Most customers like to tip us like they tip their hair dressers.

What about my elderly/special needs pet?

We love elderly pets! They deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Elderly pets tend to have sore joints and tender spots all over their body. Special needs pets are all on a case by case basis and we always recommend a custom program for them. Because elderly and special needs pets can get easily overwhelmed with the grooming process, your pets safety and comfort will take precedence over any cosmetic desires. Elderly and special needs dogs are NOT required to be on 1-8 week schedule. We will customize a plan that suits your baby best.

My dog’s hair has some mats…is that a problem?

It all depends on the condition of the coat and the temperament of your pet. Very few pets can handle dematting for more than 15 minutes. Because your pets safety and sanity is our first priority, we only allow 15-20 minutes of dematting time at $1/minute. We are glad to come back for several visits to demat your pet over time, but this can get extremely expensive and is frustrating for your dog. If the mats are beyond brushing, we will clip your dogs hair and start the coat over. Severe mats can cause skin irritations and many skin problems including hot spots, sores, redness, etc. Clipping your pet can expose these conditions and you will be immediately notified of what we find. Some pets may require a complete shave down and a re moisturizing treatment. Once completed, you will be placed on a regular grooming schedule.

My matted dog had a shavedown, why does he need a skin reconditioning treatment?

When a dogs hair is matted for a long period of time, the skin can lose elasticity and become hyper sensitive. The best way to describe this feeling is if you have had your hair in a tight ponytail all day long, at the end of the day it hurts when you loosen your hair. Men, same goes for leg hair when wearing socks all day with the hair held in the wrong direction. The pain your dog can feel is much worse. With our skin reconditioning treatment, the skin gains elasticity and soothes the tenderness caused by the tight mats. This is mandatory because your dog can and will scratch and bite himself to try and fix the pain on his own. That will cause immediate irritation and skin sores. Hematomas can and do occur with tight mats, especially around ears and can cause some bleeding once circulation has been restored from removing matted hair.

Do you muzzle dogs?

We always do what we can to avoid using a muzzle. Unfortunately some dogs can not be groomed without one. If your dog does require a muzzle, we always try to ease the dogs aggressive or nervous behavior over time. Many of our aggressive/nervous clients come around over time and a muzzle is no longer needed. However, if your pet thrashes or continues aggressive behavior we would end the groom for the safety of the dog and groomer.

Can my dog have his toys/treats with him?

Of course! Please feel free to provide us with your cookies. If your dog needs a toy to hold for comfort, we always welcome them!

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We require a 24 hour notice for cancellation of a scheduled appointment. Our fee is $20 for any appointments not canceled within 24 hours. Grace shall apply under certain circumstances and will be removed from your chart if paperwork is supplied from your vet, etc.

Can you give my dog a haircut without a bath?

Unless your pet is elderly or special needs and cannot be bathed, your dog needs a wash. In order to provide a good clip and maintain healthy skin and coat all dogs are washed and conditioned.