New Groomer in Town.

Posted on October 17, 2013 at 11:43 PM Comments comments (534)
Hi everyone!!!

This is my first ever, extremely official BLOG posting ever!  Please forgive me now if I am not very blog savvy.  I rarely read blogs, and I've never written one in my life! 

So here I am, literally the new groomer in town.  I have a long history in grooming, 17 years as a matter of fact.  It might be more, but sometimes the years even shock me so I keep it lower.  Just a year ago I was saying 14 year s until I actually did the math. 

I started so long ago as a simple teenager ambitious to get my life started.  When I graduated high school early, I decided to get a job to stay out of trouble so I started as a bather.  The job ad was in a newspaper, classifieds!  Does anyone even read those things anymore??  So much has changed.  Anyway, back to how I started...  I was a bather for a few short months and because I was so fascinated by the groomers I decided I wanted to give it a shot.  A year later, I was completely grooming on my own and attending every seminar I could to learn more.  I started a business about 7 years later in Riverside, ca. 

The business became a complete success and it ran beautifully for nearly 5 years before I decided to give it up to start a family.  I was able to sell the business but shortly after things went south when the recession hit.  I was one of the thousands of people who lost their homes, cars, a husband, etc.  So like any normal gal would do, I moved back in with mom!  God love her!  We stayed in a little 2 bedroom guest apartment on her property for 6 years.  After spending several years working part time to raise my gorgeous babies, I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Menifee.  It was a scary move although very well researched.  I wanted an affordable town that I could raise my kids in.

How I got so lucky to be running a business again, I don't know!!!  Although I do not own the business in name, I run the entire show.  It works out very well for me and I am loving every minute of it!  It's a little tricky for me with a truck and trailer set up.  I've been used to the giant mobile grooming vans in the past.  So if you see me rubbing up on curbs or backing down your street like I have been drinking, just pretend you don't see me!  I'm starting to get used to it, but I still make small mistakes.  Hey, just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't drive down the street with a beefy truck and trailer!  I'm proud of it!  The space in the trailer is such a wonderful thing.  Those small vans are so cramped and there is barely any room for the groomer, much less the dog. 

Well enough about the trailer...  (have I mentioned I love it?) 

I'm going to end this little post now, so I can have more to write about later.  I really love writing and consider typing a hobby so hey, maybe this blog thing will be a good thing for me.

Keep your eyes peels for important topics.  I really want to go over some of the good, bad, and ugly in the grooming industry.  Share some wild grooming stories of mine, and answer any questions you have.

Your happy groomer,